New Center Radio 3-28-17 "A Man With God All Over Him"

In the book of Genesis we read of a man named Joseph. Joseph was one who was loved by his earthly father and lived a life in submission to his Heavenly Father. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach on “A Man With God All Over Him”.

New Center Radio 3-21-17 "From Broken To Blessed"

At some point in our life we have all been broken physically, mentally, emotionally, or maybe even spiritually. Although these time are difficult we must encourage ourselves and remember that God can take us from any broken state and bless us…

Study of Biblical Prophecy 3-15-17

In this study of Biblical Prophecy, Pastor Jonathan Burris will be introducing the two beast found in Revelation chapter 13. He will cover the meaning of their characteristics, the recovery of the mortal wound, and the reaction of the peopl…

There is Nobody Like The Lord

God always takes care of His children. No matter how deep or hard a valley may be God will help you through it. Listen to guest speaker Evangelist Josh Adams talk about no one being like The Lord.

Study of Biblical Prophecy 3-8-17

Lesson 28 is a continuation study of the two witnesses, who they might be and what is going to happen to them. What is the world going to be like? When are the 144,000 Jews going to be saved? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain what is…

New Center Radio 3-14-17 "Significance of the Altar"

Welcome home to the Potter's Wheel, a ministry of New Center Christian Church. The altar is a place where we can go to for help, we can turn to for comfort, and a place we can run to for strength. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message…