New Center Christian Church is an old fashioned, independent, fundamental church. Located in the heart of North Carolina’s pottery region in Seagrove. New Center is a warm and inviting New Testament church. The family-like atmosphere is a great place to worship. Our goal is to change the world; starting here at home and then to the uttermost parts of the world. Our message shall always be the message of the Gospel — the death, burial, resurrection, and the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

We offer a full range of services beginning with Sunday School classes for all ages, Spirit-filled worship services, powerful prayer services, and thought provoking Bible Studies.

We cordially invite you and your family to become part of ours. Once you get to know the people that make up New Center Christian Church, you will not want to leave. Come and see how we can make you feel at home.


From Broken to Blessed

At some point in our life we have all been broken physically, mentally, emotionally, or maybe even spiritually. Although these time are difficult we must encourage ourselves and remember that God can take us from any broken state and bless us…

Christ is More

Over 2,000 years ago, there was a baby born whose name was Jesus. This Jesus changed history and everything that has followed. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain how Jesus Christ is more.

New Center Radio 2-21-17 "At Midnight"

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will listen to a message titled “At Midnight”. We have all faced hard and difficult times. Some could dealing with financial difficulties or may even be dealing with physical struggles. Listen to Pastor…

Study of Biblical Prophecy 2-15-17

Many believe Revelation 12 is a retelling of the time Lucifer fell from Heaven. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain how this is not the same event and when it will take place.

New Center Radio 2-14-17 "Blinded to Love"

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will listen to a message titled “Blinded to Love”. The love that God has for us passes all understanding. Its an everlasting love that does not fail. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach about the…

Study of Biblical Prophecy 2-8-17

In this study of Biblical Prophecy, Pastor Jonathan Burris will talk about the seventh and final trumpet.

New Center Radio 2-7-16 "Benefits of The Bible"

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will listen to a message titled “Benefits of the Bible”. When difficult times come don't turn to the medicine cabinet, social media, or even a therapist. We need to turn to God and His word.  Listen…

Significance of the Altar

For the child of God the altar should be a place where help is found. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain the significance of the altar in our lives.