Monday Night Revival

Our Spring Revival meeting began on Monday April 27, 2015 and will continue to Friday May 1, 2015. Pastor Terry Warren of Unity Grove Baptist Church will bring the message to us each night.

Radio 5-5-15 “When They Had Seen The Brethren”

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will be listening to a message titled “When they had seen the Brethren”. We as Christians, need to look after our fellow brethren, we need to give a helping hand when they are in need, and encourage them when they are discouraged. Grab your Bible and listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris teach us how important our brethren should be to us, but first we will listen to a song by Pastor Jason Frank of Grace Independant Baptist church.


The Need of Obedience

How important is obedience from the child of God? Is obedience on Sunday mornings or evenings enough? Listen to see what Pastor Jonathan and The Bible says about this.