New Center Radio 11-14-17 “Taking Inventory Of My Treasures

On today’s broadcast we will dig into our archives and listen to a message titled “Taking Inventory Of My Treasures”. As you listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris  examine your own life and see what treasures God has given you.


Abraham – The Friend Of God #6

This week in the series of “Abraham – The Friend of God” Pastor Jonathan Burris talks about why Lot chose Sodom.

New Center Radio 11-7-17 “Welcome Home”

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach about the time when Abraham sent his servant Eleazar to find a wife for his son Isaac in a message titled “Welcome Home”.

New Center Radio 10-31-17 “Living Unquenched”

Good evening and welcome again to the Potter’s Wheel, a ministry of New Center Christian Church. The Bible says Christians are not to quench the Spirit. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain what this means and how to live a Spirit filled life.


Abraham – The Friend Of God #4

God gave Abraham a large piece of land. Listen to Jonathan Burris as he teaches about where this land is and how this piece of land still affects us today.


It Is Time To Reenlist

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris bring a message about the importance of a Christian working and being busy for God.

New Center Radio 10-24-17 “Overcomer’s With Christ”

There is an Adversary that seeks the destruction of as many lives as possible. As Christians, we have overcame him only with and through the blood of Jesus Christ. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach about overcoming our Adversary.


Armed To The Teeth

The Devil is raging on the Church and Families across this world. We as Christians needs to be prepared for a strike. Listen to guest Pastor Wayne Bryson bring a message titled “Armed To The Teeth”.


My Mind Is Made Up

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Buris preach a message titled “My Mind Is Made Up”.