Study Of Biblical Prophecy 8-3-16

This is a continuation on the study of biblical prophecy. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris as he teaches using of the book of Daniel.

Study Of Biblical Prophecy…7-27-16

Who is Daniel of the Old Testament, and how does he apply to Bible Prophecy? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris answer these questions and many more in the coming weeks of this study. This is the second week of Biblical Prophecy, week one can be found under the “Services” tab.

Study Of Biblical Prophecy…7-20-16

Tonight Pastor Jonathan Burris began a study on biblical prophecy. This study is on the history of the nation of Judah when Zedekiah was overthrown by king Nebuchadnezzar and the nation was utterly destroyed.


God loves each and everyone of us, but how much do we love Him in return? Listen to Preacher Donnie McNeill bring a message on the love we should share with our God.

Whom Shall I Send?

Listen to Pastor Jonathan pour his heart out and share his vision for spiritual growth inside the church.

Where Did Jesus Go?

How do we keep the presence of God in our lives? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain how to keep God’s presence with us.