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God of Judgment, God of Love

How is it possible for God to be one of so much love and judgment at the same time?  In this message Pastor Jonathan Burris will explain how God is able to fulfill both of these characteristics and remain the unchanging God He is.

What Does it Mean to Worship?

Most people do not understand what worship really is. True worship is not offered occasionally or when convenient, it is a lifestyle. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain the meaning of true worship.

Wine And The Bible

What does The Bible say about wine or strong drink? Is it ok or biblical for a Christian to drink wine?  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris as he teaches what The Bible says about wine and alcohol.

Life is Hard

Life for a Christian is nothing close to easy. Everywhere we turn we are faced with opposition. This life is full of struggles. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris teach us how we can make it through such difficult times.

Financial Independence-part 1

Finances are one of the leading causes of stress. When a person is stressed it makes it hard to worship God in the way we should. Listen to this two part message of  Pastor Jonathan Burris teaching us how to avoid financial pitfalls and how…