It Gets Sweeter As The Days Go By

Even during hard times, living a life for Jesus gets sweeter with every passing day. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach on “It Gets Sweeter As The Days Go By”.

No More Excuses

When we don’t want to do something we make up an excuse. Listen to Preacher Ronnie Kidd as he speaks on “No More Excuses”.


Message From Missionary Michael Dela Paz

Michael Deal Paz is the son of our supporting missionary David Dela Paz. Please join us and pray for this man and his ministry as he spreads and teaches the Gospel.


Im Guilty, I am a Christian 11-15-15

Paul was not afraid to admit that he was a Christian. On many occasions he suffered for the cause of Christ. Pastor Jonathan Burris will preach on the thought of  “I’m guilty, I’m a Christian” and explain how important it is to not be ashamed of Jesus Christ.



Storms come and go in all of our lives. What is the best way to handle a storm when we know not what way to turn. Listen to Preacher Ronnie Kidd bring us a message titled “Storms”.


His Name Says It All

Sonny Dix is a great man of God. His is one of our supporting missionaries to the Philippines. Take a listen to Him Preach concerning the message “His Name Says It All.”


Willingness to Worship -Part 2

This is a two part series on a willingness to worship. Has anything come in between you and God? Are you worshiping Him to the fullest of your ability?