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Q & A Service - June

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris answer questions from the congregation. The questions are as follows: Is the new Jerusalem in Revelation 3:12 going to look like Jerusalem in this day and age? Did the crabs die with the flood? When is the…

How Can I Be Used Of God

In what capacity can you be used of God? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris as he preaches a message about what can hinder our ability of being used of God.

How To Wreck A Perfect Home Part II

Christians act shocked about the abandonment of the Christian values this country was founded on, however it all begins at home. What is your life like inside your front door? Is your relationship with your spouse like it was on your wedding…

How A Church Gets It Right

Listen to Pastor Joanthan Burris preach a message on "How A Church Gets It Right".

He Got It All

In I Chronicles 4 we read about man named Jabez. Not much is said of this man, however much can be learned. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris bring a message titled "He Got It All".

Q & A Service

Does the Angel still stir up the water at the Pool of Bethesda? Why did God choose Mary to have baby Jesus? Why is Mordecai commonly referred to as Esther's uncle when he is actually her cousin?

How To Get God To Use You

Christians should never stop growing in knowledge and service for our Lord. God has a plan for the life of every believer. Take a moment and examine your own life. Could He be calling you to become a preacher, Sunday school teacher, or a singer?…

Armed To The Teeth

The Devil is raging on the Church and Families across this world. We as Christians needs to be prepared for a strike. Listen to guest Pastor Wayne Bryson bring a message titled "Armed To The Teeth".