Tuesday Evening Revival

Listen to Guest Pastor Buddy Hofner bring Tuesday’s evening revival message on “The Horn Of Salvation”.

Monday Evening Revival

God has done a marvelous work in the lives of His children. We need to get excited and stirred up not only where God has brought us from but where He is taking us. Listen to Guest Pastor Buddy Hofner bring a message on revival.


The Believer’s Satisfaction

This world can not and does not offer satisfaction. It can’t be bought, bartered, or even earned. Satisfaction can only be found and obtained in The Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to guest speaker Sonny Dix, one of our supporting missionaries to the Philippines preach on “The Believer’s Satisfaction”.


Desiring God

King David not only desired the presence of God in his life but he craved it. Listen to guest speaker Jason Frank, Pastor of Grace Independent Baptist Church in Liberty, bring forth a message on desiring God.


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Preacher Robert Tewes brought forth a message on a Christian’s trouble free heart. We, as God’s children, have no reason to worry or fret over the future. God will never leave us or forsake us.


Blessings Of Carrying The Load

Everyone goes through difficult times and we may not understand why, but God is still good! Listen to guest Pastor Brian Workman bring a message on the blessings that are found in hard times.


Being Great With God

How great is God in your life? Is He in charge of everything? Listen to guest Pastor Brian Workman as he brings a message title “Being Great With God”.


It Looks Like We Are Not Going To Make It

Guest Pastor Jody Harrison brings our Tuesday evening Revival meeting from Acts 27. If you feel like its getting too hard to live as a Christian and it feels that troubles have surrounded you, this message is for you.


Getting To The Place Of Worship

How is your worship? We all need to strive to give God the best worship we possibly can. Listen to guest Pastor Jody Harrison as he brings the first message of our Spring Revival.