Coming Together For The Better

Listen to guest speaker Pastor Jason Frank bring a New Years Eve thought titled “Coming Together For The Better.”

We Just Can’t Praise Him Enough

Listen to guest Preacher Anthony Agan bring a New Year’s Eve message on the amount of praise that we owe to God.

Love One Another

Listen to guest Preacher Scott Hyatt preach a New Year’s Eve message titled “Love One Another”.

Absolute Surrender

Listen to Preacher Martin Davis bring a message on surrendering our lives fully to God.


A Thought for The Men of God

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris encourage preachers and pastors with the example of Elisha’s desire of a double portion.

Thursday Evening Revival

The Apostle Paul was determined to spread the Gospel no matter the cost. He was  beaten, bruised, battered, left for dead and yet he didn’t quit. He continued to press on for the cause of Christ. Where is your determination? What is holding you back? Listen to guest Pastor Buddy Hofner bring a message on being determined for Christ.

Wednesday Evening Revival

This world is getting worse and worse, but as God’s children we have no reason to fear. Listen to guest Pastor Buddy Hofner bring the Wednesday evening revival message.