Message by Preacher Robert Tewes

Easter Morning is a special morning at New Center. This morning we had a visit from Preacher Robert Tewes also known a "Pop".

What Is In Your Cup?

Many times we tend to over look how blessed we are. Time and time again our cup overflows with the blessings from God. The cup that God the Father gave His Son Jesus was nothing like the one we would give our children. Listen to Pastor Jonathan…

This We Believe

This is a new study conducted on Wednesday nights and is titled "This We Believe". This study is going to be on the beliefs and the foundation of New Center Christian Church. Why do we use the King James Version instead of any other version…

Why I Love The Church

How do you feel about the church? Do you love the people, the atmosphere, or is it something else?  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach about why we should love the church.
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God of Judgment, God of Love

How is it possible for God to be one of so much love and judgment at the same time?  In this message Pastor Jonathan Burris will explain how God is able to fulfill both of these characteristics and remain the unchanging God He is.