Why I Love The Church

How do you feel about the church? Do you love the people, the atmosphere, or is it something else?  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach about why we should love the church.

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God of Judgment, God of Love

How is it possible for God to be one of so much love and judgment at the same time?  In this message Pastor Jonathan Burris will explain how God is able to fulfill both of these characteristics and remain the unchanging God He is.


David Recovered All

The life of David had its up’s and down’s. He went through some good and glorious times but he also experienced some very deep and dark trials. However in these trials, he would eventually look up to The Lord for help. When times like these come our way, what do we do? Do we try to make it on our own, or do we see The Lord for guidance? Listen to see what David did in one of his most trying trials in his life.


Seek The Lord Early

When do you seek The Lord? Do you wait until you are faced with something too big to handle? In good times, hard times, and even times when everything just seems ok, we need to seek The Lord and seek Him early.


God Has A Plan For Your Life – Intro

We have started a new study on the life of Joseph. In this series of studies we will learn who Joseph was, where he came from, what he went through, and how he was used by God. Just like Joseph we too can be used by God. This series of messages will help us realize that God not only has a plan for our life but it will also show us what happens when we let God take control.