New Center Radio 1-13-15

This week’s message is titled “Life is Hard”. Life can be very difficult, however with the use of advice by Pastor Jonathan we can stay encouraged in discouraging times.


New Center Radio 1/6/2015

On today’s Potter’s Wheel, we go back in the archives a couple years to a message titled, “If it had not been the Lord”. We at New Center had just gone through a trial. We had a situation that crippled me emotionally, and put the church on it’s knees. God calmed our restless hearts, met our need, and showed his mighty sovereignty in the bleakest of outlooks. He turned our doubting into shouting, and our sorrow into joy. We hope it will be a blessing to you.


New Center Radio – 12/30/2014

This week on The Potter’s Wheel, we look listen to a message titled “The Best is Yet to Come”. If you are struggling with depression or feel like God has abandoned you, this message is for you.

Featuring the music of Amy Hooker and Kathy Boggs.