Q & A Service – May

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris as he answers questions that have been submitted by the congregation. The questions are as follows:

What were the unicorn’s in the Bible?

What is the gap theory, and should we support it?

Did King James influence the translation of the Bible?

Can someone be born gay?


Jesus First

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message about the importance of putting Jesus first in our lives.

New Center Radio 5-8-18 “The Life Is In The Blood

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will be listening to a message titled “The Life is in the Blood”. Blood is a crucial ingredient in the existence of life. Just like the human body needs blood to survive, we need blood to have everlasting life. Let us Listen to Pastor Jonathan teach us how blood can provide us with eternal life, but first we will listen to a song by Terry & Lois Ann Warren.


A Church That Rejected Revival

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris talk about a time when God’s people chose to worship Him in their own way in a message titled “A Church That Rejected Revival”.