He Got It All

In I Chronicles 4 we read about man named Jabez. Not much is said of this man, however much can be learned. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris bring a message titled "He Got It All".

New Center Radio 2-20-18 "The Prisoner of The Lord"

In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul called himself the prisoner of the Lord. What exactly did he mean, was he saying that by serving The Lord his freedom was restricted?  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain in a message titled “…

Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So

If you are a child of God than He has done a marvelous work in your life. Paul shared his Damascus road experience wherever he went, and we should be no different. Let your testimony be heard! Listen to a message from Pastor Jonathan Burris…

New Center Radio 2-13-18 "I Isaac Take Thee Rebekah, part 2"

On today’s broadcast we will listen to part two of a message titled “I Isaac Take Thee Rebekah” from Pastor Jonathan Burris.

Though Thou Hast Not Known Me

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach about the sovereignty of our God in a message titled "Though Thou Hast Not Known Me".

Q & A Service - February

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris as he answers questions that have been asked of the congregation. The questions are as follows: What does Kumbaya mean? What does Adonai mean? Can the Devil access heaven, when he came before God to ask about…

New Center Radio 2-6-18 "I Isaac Take Thee Rebekah part 1"

  On today’s broadcast we will be digging into our archives and listening to part one of a two part message from Pastor Jonathan Burris titled “I Isaac Take Thee Rebekah”.