When The Saved Need A Savior

When you place your trust in Jesus Christ, your life does not become easy or trouble free. The trials can actually increase and life can become more difficult. However we have God living inside us and He will help us though the difficult times. Listen to guest Preacher Josh Adams preach a message titled “When The Saved Need Saving”.

New Center Radio 8-22-17 “A Lesson In Grace”

God showers His children with blessings each day. King David was no different, he was blessed beyond measure. There was a time in his life when he sought for someone in Saul’s family that he could bless. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris tell about this event in a message titled “A Lesson in Grace”.


Soul Winning Study # 3

As Christians, our great commission is to bring souls to Christ. God may choose to use us at the market, at our workplace, or maybe at the altar. Are you prepared? If not this study is for you. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris as he provides tips and advice to help bring lost souls to the Cross.


Overcomers With Christ

We have an Adversary that seeks the destruction of as many lives as possible. As Christians, we have overcame him only with and through Jesus Christ. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach about overcoming our Adversary.

New Center Radio 8-15-17 “How Long?”

We know the end of time is coming, but how much longer is it going to be?  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message titled  “How Long?”.


Soul Winning #2

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris as he teaches us how to become a faithful soul winner. Over the course of this study, we will learn how to go door to door witnessing, how to handle situations as they arise, and ultimately  lead someone to Christ.


Q & A Service – August

Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris answer these Biblical questions that were submitted by people of the congregation:

What does the Bible say about modern day prophets, are they still exist?

Did Aaron (the high priest) go to heaven?

In Exodus, was the Ten Commandments already given when the golden calf was constructed?