New Center Radio 8-1-17 “Remember The Words of Jesus”

In this busy day that we live in, it would do us all well to stop and think about what God has done for you. He has brought us out of a horrible pit, set our feet on solid ground, and promised his children a home in heaven. Listen to Pastor Jonatan Burris preach a message titled “Remember The Words Of Jesus”.


Living Unquenched

The Bible says that we are not to quench the Spirit. What exactly does it mean to quench the Spirit?  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris talk about not hindering the Spirit.

New Center Radio 7-25-17 “If I Could Preach My Funeral”

If you were to die today, what would be said about your life? Are you considered a faithful Christian, seeking the heart of God or one who lives like Hell and the Devil? Listen to a message from Pastor Jonathan Burris titled “If I Could Preach My Funeral”.


Repent or Perish

People across this nation find ways around the laws in order to stay out of trouble. One day everyone of us will stand before a righteous Judge. We will not be able to escape and the only hope of being saved from the flames of Hell is by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach “Repent or Perish”.


New Center Radio 7-18-17 “It’s All About Jesus”

Many churches today strive to get the biggest number in attendance and to make it the most beautiful place on earth, when in reality none of that matters. Listen to Pastor Jonatan Burris preach “It’s All About Jesus”.

New Center Radio 7-11-17 “Don’t Jump Ship”

Sometimes life feels like a ship tossed to and fro in a storm with no calm in sight. In these times we must not give up, God will be with us through it all. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message titled “Don’t Jump Ship”.