New Center Radio 7-4-17 “God Can Do The Impossible”

It doesn’t matter what you have done or how far in sin you may be, God can reach you and will do a marvelous work in your life if you will allow Him. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message titled “God Can Do The Impossible”.

New Center Radio 6-27-17 “Freedom”

As the birthday of this country approaches, we must understand the true meaning and the cost of freedom. Just like the men that fought for our freedom, there was one that paid the price for our sins and freed us from the penalty of death. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach “Freedom”.

New Center Radio 6-20-17 “Calling on God in Despair”

In II Samuel we read of a time when the Philistines desired to wipe out the nation of Israel. It was in this time that Israel cried out to the Lord. We, as Christians, should not wait until we run out of options before we call upon God. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach on a message titled “Calling on God in Despair”.


New Center Radio 6-13-17 “Clothed In Christ”

When the world looks at you, do they see a steadfast and faithful christian or one who is cold and dishonest? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris bring a message titled “Clothed In Christ”.

New Center Radio 6-6-17 “Unfeigned Faith”

Paul described Timothy’s faith as being unfeigned. This unfeigned faith was powerful, unwavering, and persuasive. How is your faith?  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach the importance of faith in the life of a believer.