New Center Radio 5-30-17 “Why Did God Save You?”

God does not need you or me, so why would He choose to save us? Listen to Pastor Jonatan Burris preach a message titled “Why Did God Save You?”

New Center Radio 5-23-17 “Remember His Marvelous Works”

As memorial day approaches and we honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and we think back on the memories made with our loved ones, we must remember the One who made the ultimate sacrifice on Calvary. Listen to Pastor Jonatan Burris preach a message titled “Remember His Marvelous Works”.


What Suffering Can And Can Not Do For Us

Listen to guest Pastor Jason Frank from Grace Independent Baptist Church in Liberty bring a message titled “What Suffering Can Do And Can Not Do For Us”.


Unfeigned Faith

Paul described Timothy’s faith as being unfeigned. This unfeigned faith was powerful, unwavering, and persuasive. How is your faith?  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach the importance of faith in the life of a believer.

New Center Radio 5-16-17 “How Do You Treat Your Family?”

God intended families to have a close and loving relationship. In today’s world that is not what we see. Husband and wife can’t get along, brother and sister can’t stand to be around each other, and many times a family only comes together is when something bad has happened. How about your family? Is it a blessing from God or is a constant battle every time you open the front door? Listen to Pastor Jonathan tell us not only how a family should be but also teach us how to have the family God has intended.


Cast Your Burdens On The Lord

What do you do when life gets hard and the weight on your shoulders become too much to take another step? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris talk about laying your burdens down at the feet of Jesus.