Calling on God in Despair

God is our refuge and strength, and a very present help in trouble. He is willing to help us through our hard times, but we must not be acquainted to only calling on Him when all else fails. We must rely on Him in the good times and bad. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message about the dangers of waiting to call on God as a last resort.

New Center Radio 5-2-17 “Grace Alone”

How much good must I do in order to be saved? Just how hard is salvation to receive? Salvation is quite the easiest decision we can make. No amount of work or good deeds can get us into heaven, it is only by placing our trust in Jesus Christ.  Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message titled “Grace Alone”.

New Center Radio “Him” 4-25-17

We have heard time and time again of a man that lived and died for the sins of the world and that salvation can only be obtain by and through him. But who is this “Him”? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris introduce you to who this is and the importance of knowing Him before the judgement day.


Fear Not

Christians have no reason to fear. Jesus Christ died, but He didn’t remain dead. He rose from the grave on the third day to live forever more. He is a Savor that can be trusted!

New Center Radio 4-18-17 “I’m Guilty, I’m a Christian”

If your life was to be put on trial, what would the verdict be? Would you be found a faithful, unwavering Christian, or one that has become cold and corrupt? Listen to Pastor Jonatan Burris preach a message titled “Im Guilty, Im A Christian.”

Study of Biblical Prophecy 4-5-17

Who is the woman and the great city found in Revelation Chapter 17? In this lesson, Pastor Jonathan Burris will explain who this is commonly associated with and who he thinks it will be using supporting scriptures.

Tell It To Jesus

In the book of Mark 5:25-34, we read of a story of the woman that had an issue of blood for 12 years. Her life had been completely changed when the sickness had overtook her body, but when Jesus passed by her life was forever changed. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message titled “Tell It To Jesus”.