Study of Biblical Prophecy 3-8-17

Lesson 28 is a continuation study of the two witnesses, who they might be and what is going to happen to them. What is the world going to be like? When are the 144,000 Jews going to be saved? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain what is to come and how it impacts the entire world.


New Center Radio 3-14-17 “Significance of the Altar”

Welcome home to the Potter’s Wheel, a ministry of New Center Christian Church. The altar is a place where we can go to for help, we can turn to for comfort, and a place we can run to for strength. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach a message tilted “Significance of the Altar”.


A Lesson in Grace

God showers us with blessing after blessing each and everyday. King David was no different, he was blessed beyond measure. There was a time when David sought for someone in Saul’s family that he could bless. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris tell about this event in a message titled “A Lesson in Grace”.

New Center Radio 3-7-17 “What Does it Mean to Worship”

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will listen to a message titled “What Does it Mean to Worship”. Most people do not understand what worship really is. True worship is not offered occasionally or when convenient, it is a lifestyle. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris explain the meaning of true worship.


Study of Biblical Prophecy 3-1-17

In this lesson Pastor Jonathan Burris will begin talking about the two witnesses. When are they going to come? What will their duties include?