New Center Radio 5-10-16 "Finding Favor"

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will listen to a message titled “Finding Favor”. Throughout Scriptures we see men and women that found favor with God, what about us? Is it possible for us to find favor? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris…

Being Great With God

How great is God in your life? Is He in charge of everything? Listen to guest Pastor Brian Workman as he brings a message title "Being Great With God".

It Looks Like We Are Not Going To Make It

Guest Pastor Jody Harrison brings our Tuesday evening Revival meeting from Acts 27. If you feel like its getting too hard to live as a Christian and it feels that troubles have surrounded you, this message is for you.

Getting To The Place Of Worship

How is your worship? We all need to strive to give God the best worship we possibly can. Listen to guest Pastor Jody Harrison as he brings the first message of our Spring Revival.

Why I Need Jesus

We all need Jesus, but why? Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris preach on this thought and explains the need of Jesus in our lives each and everyday.