Honoring The Lord in our Worship

Listen to Jason Frank, pastor of Grace Independent Baptist Church in Liberty as he brings a message from the book of Malachi titled “Honoring The Lord in our Worship”.

Full on God’s Blessings

God blesses His children much more than we ever deserve. Even during times when we have turn our backs on God, He still takes care of us. Listen to the blessings He has poured out on Preacher Donnie Mcneill and the blessings He has waiting for you.

How to Get a New Beginning

Sonny Dix, one of our supporting missionaries to the Philippines will bring a message titled “How to get a new beginning”. Many resolutions will be made with the new year, but very few of them last. Listen to Sonny Dix as he teaches how to start the new year off with a way that will work to get a new beginning on life.

Redeem the Time

Preacher Darren Anderson preached a message title “Redeem the Time”. In this message he tells us what we need to do to live for God. Is there something holding you back from living for God? Listen to this message on how to live for God in the new year.


Never Neglect God

So many times God is neglected. In our prayer, our walk, our talk, He gets neglected. Christians should continually strive to have a close relationship with God. We should seek His will in our lives, but many times it doesn’t happen. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris speak about a loving relationship with our Creator.

New Center Radio 12-29-15 “God Remembers Calvary”

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will listen to a message titled “God Remembers Calvary”.  God has not and will never forget the price that He paid at calvary for you and me. Listen to Pastor Jonathan as he teaches about this ultimate payment for the entire world, but first we will listen to the Warren family.

New Center Radio 12-22-15 “When They Had Opened Their Treasures”

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will listen to a message titled “When they had opened their treasures”. The wise men provided gold frankincense, and myrrh as gifts to Jesus. As valuable as these gifts were, we all have a gift we can give God that is much more desired and valuable to Him. Listen to Pastor Jonathan teach us about these treasures and the one we have within, but first we will listen to Benji and Vickie Brown.


When They Had Opened Their Treasures

When the Wise men came to see baby Jesus they brought Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh . There was a special meaning behind each one of these treasures. They knew who He was and his purpose for being on this earth, He came to die. What about our treasures? We all have treasures we can give Him as well. Listen to Pastor Jonathan Burris speak about the Christmas story and the wonderful treasures that the Wise men gave.

New Center Radio 12-15-15 “Gleaning Among the Sheaves”

This week on the Potter’s Wheel we will listen to a message titled “Gleaning among the sheaves?”. God always takes care of His children. When is the last time you have gleaned your blessings? Listen to Pastor Jonathan teach us how the blessings from Boaz to Ruth relates to us today, but first we will listen to Jason and Sarah Frank.


What Jesus Coming into the World Accomplished

Jason Frank, Pastor of Grace Independent Baptist Church, brought a message titled “what Jesus coming into the world accomplished”. While on this earth Jesus performed life changing miracles, but what was the real reason He came?